Informational-Legal Centre Our Right

Informational-Legal Centre "Our Right" - independent expert analytical centre, created and registered on July 20, 2000.

The purpose and tasks of the Centre:

- to promote realization and protection of legal interests, rights and freedoms of members of the Centre;

- to promote development of civil society, instruments of public control and public participation in state and local affairs management;

- implementation analysis of local policy;

- implementation expert-analytical public researches.

The main directions of Center activities:

- analysis of local policy;

- public control and advocacy;

- public expertise;

- local rulemaking;

- trainings for community activists.

Center experts research the problems of local government, realization of the right to information, advisory democracy and constitutional justice, and abidance of human rights in Ukraine.

Center team:

Yuriy Tanasiychuk (President of the Centre),

Oksana Vaschuk (Program Director of the Centre),

Maria Dzupyn (Project Manager),

Oleg Dudarev (Fundraising Consultant).

telfax: +38032 295 76 17   e-mail: